CBD for Stress: How to Use CBD to Stay Calm and Focused at Work?

CBD for Stress

If you feel like work stress has become a constant companion in your life, you’re not alone. A survey from American Psychology Association revealed 78% of people experience mental fatigue, anxiety, and a gripping sense of despair post-pandemic.   People worry about jobs, bills, student loans, tuition fees, health, and a never-ending list of responsibilities. Can CBD for stress relief break this vicious cycle?

Ongoing research studying the benefits of CBD hemp oil supports its healing powers for individuals dealing with symptoms of generalized anxiety and stress. Hence, proving  it does have the potential to tackle anxiousness.

The remedy lies in its natural composition and soothing presence.

Let’s learn all about it here.

The Basics: What Is CBD?

Cannabidiol (or CBD) comes from the Cannabis sativa plant. The active ingredient is one out of 100 cannabinoids present inside its hemp flowers, seeds, and leaves. Its potential antioxidant properties and therapeutic traits make it beneficial for your health. These natural components interact with your brain, repressing stressors and promoting a calmer state of mind.

Unlike its infamous cousin, tetrahydrocannabinol (or THC), it’s non-psychoactive. Lack of a psychoactive reaction means consuming CBD will not push your brain into overdrive or cause you to feel high. With minimum cravings and no addictive strings attached, CBD looks like the ideal stress-buster for anyone who needs to take a break from a hectic routine.

Moreover, CBD products are available in versatile forms (i.e., tinctures, edible gummies, and topical ointments, soothing balms), making daily usage convenient for busy bees. You can select a dosage according to your age and health condition.

Is CBD Safe to Use?

As with any other new medicine, CBD usage remains at its infancy stage. This means you need to tread with caution and ensure you’re buying CBD from a credible supplier. Additionally, note that everyone reacts to CBD for stress differently.

The Mayo Clinic calls it a ‘well tolerable’ remedy with possible side effects.

These can include:

  • Dry mouth
  • Drowsiness
  • Lack of appetite
  • Fatigue
  • Mild gastrointestinal issues

Apart from this, it can react with prescribed medications. Therefore, you should visit your primary healthcare provider for advice on dosage and regular use.

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Is CBD Legal?

The emerging interest in the benefits of CBD has garnered interest in hemp-based products. Currently, legalization remains ‘in a state of flux’ as each state enforces different terms and conditions related to application and dosage.

Therefore, you should review state laws before buying CBD for stress relief and also check its legal status when you’re traveling both within the US and overseas.

Pro-tip: Buy CBD from a credible source that practices transparency and follows the legal terms and conditions of CBD usage. Additionally, ensure that its products are third-party lab tested to prevent any medical or legal issues in the long run.

Top 3 Benefits of CBD for Stress Relief

A recent study observed that most CBD usage revolves around three mental health problems; stress, anxiety, and sleep. The correlation between these issues makes it a viable solution for combating work woes and fatigue.

Here’s a closer look at the advantages of CBD:

1. It Keeps You Calm

If you’re feeling stressed out, your brain focuses on the worst-case scenarios instead of finding solutions. It can prove costly for individuals working on time-sensitive projects. CBD can help you let go of your anxiety-ridden thoughts by changing the way your brain responds to different stimuli.

A study demonstrated that rats with anxiety went into an anti-panic mode after receiving regular CBD dosage during stressful situations. Similarly, a placebo trial illustrated how people experiencing social anxiety feel calmer after using CBD at a public speaking event after using CBD.

The evidence suggests that CBD’s presence allows you to address intrusive thoughts logically instead of letting them disrupt your focus. Additionally, it maintains healthy dopamine levels to combat feelings of dread and despair during stress-inducing situations.

2. It Regulates Your Sleep Cycle

Whether you’re working long shifts or preparing for an important business deal, stressful situations can cause temporary insomnia. Irregular sleep schedules can add to the disruptive sleep pattern. You might spend most of your night tossing, turning, and fretting over some worry or the other.

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Slipping CBD into your nighttime routine can silence your anxious mind. It can nudge the brain to switch on a sleep mode as you get ready for bed and reduce its tendency to overthink at nighttime. Consequently, you manage to fall asleep more quickly and efficiently after you take some CBD.

The improved quality of your sleep cycle can have a positive impact on your daytime routine too. For instance, it reverses the symptoms of stress and insomnia, such as tiredness, mental fatigue, and irritability. Having a restful sleep at night can ensure that you wake up energized and perform better at work.

3. CBD Boosts Mental Focus

When you use CBD for stress relief, you automatically observe a significant improvement in your cognitive health. This is because your brain functions are no longer inhibited by anxious thoughts or drowsiness.

Additionally, you wake up feeling more alert, active and focused. You don’t have any trouble understanding instructions, making it possible to concentrate on work better.

The Verdict: Can You Use CBD for Stress Relief?

Overall, the benefits of CBD can help you get your work-life on track as you learn how to combat daily stressors. It does this by eliminating mental health obstacles that get in your way. As a result, you respond to demanding situations with a positive and calm mindset.

In addition to this, it allows you to unwind and relax after a taxing day.

If you’re interested in exploring the benefits of CBD, then give Reed’s Remedies a chance. We use the purest form of CBD extracts in precise doses to promote effective and predictable results. You can use these sprays and soothing balms for healthy sleep, calm your mind, and soothe pain.

Your wellness journey starts right here!



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