How Can Steel Doors Improve the Curb Appeal of Your Kansas Home?

Your Kansas Home

Maintaining the curb appeal of your home is important as it sets the scene for first impressions.  From landscaping to the color scheme and everything in between, your home’s curb appeal is dependent on every minute detail, including your doors. For example, your front door acts as the centerpiece of your home’s entry, reflecting the luxury and beauty that’s resides within.  Steel doors can do just that while adding a dash of curb appeal to your home. Here’s how steel doors can improve the curb appeal of your home in Kansas.

Where Can I Install Steel Doors?

Ask yourself which rooms in your home are right for this material before embarking on the process of installing steel doors. 

The entryway is the most common place to install steel doors. Since steel doors offer curb appeal, this part of your home will benefit the most from these doors. When it comes to interior doors, not many people believe in installing steel doors. However, there’s no better option than steel doors for some parts of the house, such as basements, storage rooms, safe rooms, or where valuable belongings are kept.

Most people use steel doors due to two main reasons: one, they’re available in an array of styles. And two, they can be tailored to fit your home’s unique aesthetic. 

You can easily find top-quality French steel doors at Pinky’s Iron Doors.

There’s no doubt that doors can make or break the curb appeal of your home. If your existing doors are worn out or are way past their prime, they’ll stick out like a sore thumb. Looking at them doesn’t just give off an unpleasant vibe, but they also lower your home’s value significantly.

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Here’s how you can fix this problem: replace your old doors with an attractive steel entry door. Nothing can beat the sleek and clean look of solid black steel. Install a steel entry door and see your home’s curb appeal skyrocket to another dimension.

In terms of customization, steel entry doors are pretty versatile – they come in a variety of styles. Plus, they can offer wood grain finishes. 

So, if you want to keep the beauty of wood without the negatives, steel doors are worth a try. With the addition of sidelights, window inserts, along with other hardware, there’s a tremendous chance that you’ll impress your neighbors and potential buyers.

Highlight Your Entry Door with Steel Doors in Your Kansas Home

Yes, adding a steel door may seem counterintuitive if you already have a good-looking entry door. But a steel door can play a big role in emphasizing the beauty of both your entry door and your overall home.

Combined with a vibrant pop of color or a wood-grain finish, the design elements that make steel doors so stunning become way better. Moerover, if you like to keep your doors open during the warm summer months for natural daylight and fresh air, steel doors can offer a fascinating look from the sidewalk.

Uniquely Designed Steel Doors Can Make a Beautiful Statement in Your Kansas Home

It’s hard to top steel doors, especially when you’re expressing your home design flair. The steel doors from Pinky’s Iron Doors offer a modern, sleek look. Plus, you’ll find an array of designs to choose from that cater to every preference. From intricate styles, minimalist aesthetics, and art deco patterns to nature-inspired looks, patriotic expressions, and nautical scenes – Pinky’s has something for everyone!


Steel doors come in a variety of colors. Bring visual interest to your entryway with vivid hues, or pair a classic color scheme with timeless black steel. You’ll also find other options as well. Regardless of what design you choose, your guests are sure to notice your door each time they walk into your humble abode.

Learn More about Pinky’s Iron Doors’ Steel Doors in Kansas

Do you love what you see when you come home every night? If not, get steel entry, front, patio, or sliding doors from Pinky’s Iron Doors and start feeling good about your home’s appearance and curb appeal. Their expertise and professional service have made them Kansas’ most trusted source for steel doors.

Homeowners looking to renovate their homes in Kansas City, Wichita, Lawrence, Salina, and Manhattan, can trust Pinky’s Iron Doors to deliver exceptional quality steel doors. 

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