Most Common Benefits Of Exploratory Sex

Couples may choose to experiment with exploratory sex at any time during their relationship. Doing so doesn’t mean that you are no longer happy, but may suggest that you are comfortable to try something new through introducing further elements to support your sexual desires or kinks. If you or your partner are on the edge, why not help to break the ice by looking at some of the most common benefits below. 

Improved Wellbeing

It’s no hidden secret that regular sex benefits our health. But how exactly does it participating in sexual activity, alone or with a partner, help us? There are several psycholoigcla and emotional benefits linked to having sex, including its ability to reduce stress, boost our self esteem and improve our mood. Not to mention the further, more surprising, benefits of having sex such as the ability to burn calories, improve heart health and strengthen our immune system. 

Greater Satisfaction

It’s completely normal for couples, of any age, to take part in exploratory sex during one or mutliple stages of their relationship and for good reason. Introducing toys to the bedroom can help heighten your satisfaction, perhaps making you feel more comfortable in your own skin or generally enhancing the sexual pleasure you experience together. If you haven’t yet explored sex toys in the bedroom, consider a kit to get you started to sieve out what you do and don’t enjoy before investing in further toys.

Better Intimacy

Despite what many believe, sex toys really do help to build intimacy in a relationship. Whilst the obvious benefit is the ability to bring out greater pleasure, the use of toys often draw out our sexual boundaries, provingly opening up new possibilities for couples who have introduced sex toys to their relationship. Bondage, or ‘BDSM’ in particular, is beneficial to building greater intimacy with your partner, helping to develop deeper levels of trust. Why not look at the best bdsm restraints based on your desires?

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Enhanced Security

Couples who take part in exploratory sex often experience enhaned security within their relationship, indicating that they have established strong trust within their relationship. And, when it comes to exploring these new, uncovered sexual desires, trust is everything. If you are new to the idea or haven’t previously introduced a toy or restraint to the bedroom, agreeing on a ‘safe’ word can help to enhance the fun whilst knowing in the back of your mind that you can stop at any time.

Effective Communication

It’s important to remember to be open and honest with your partner about the possibility of exploratory sex and set expecations with them from the get-go to ensure you both understand eachothers boundaries. Having an initial conversation about the possibility of introducing a toy to the bedroom or exploring wider possibilities within your sex lives, such as BDSM, can really help to bring this message home. Taking part in this kind of sextual activity may also help to improve the communication between you and your partner if this is something you have previously found challenging, perhaps improving your general relationship as well as your sex life. 

There are several benefits of exploratory sex, not least the opportunity to explore new sexual desire.. Give it a try to unlock a new sense of satisfaction and enjoyment!

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