Types Of Sewing Body Armor (Factory, MTM, Bespoke). The Choice Of Atelier “Demidov Armor”

sewing body armor

There are many sorts of tailoring through which you can sew the best of clothes. Some of the most known types  of sewing body armor are mentioned below. 

⦁ “Factory Sewing” is the modern-day technique in which all the latest machinery and equipment is utilized to sew custom clothing with accuracy and efficiency.

⦁ “MTM” stands for “Made to Measure” and in this technique usually custom clothing is cut and sewn making a little change in a default-sized based pattern for the client.   

⦁ “Bespoke” is the technique in which clothes are sewn according to the client’s requirements considering the exact measurements and requests of the client.   

The Demidov Armor which is the top company of sewing and providing a bulletproof vest and we facilitate our clients with the finest products all around the world. There was a time when everyone had their clothes sewed individually. However, in the trend of industrialization, most of the markets were working based on cheapness. There was another fact which soon came to the light that clients with all the range of sizes and options cannot choose a perfect suit for themselves. That fact affected the premium mass of the market and then MTM service got the spotlight. Almost every grand brand in the market adapted that approach in which templates being made in the factory are standardized for the clients. Although that technique faced a repercussion because of the fact when suits were tailored, they were not tailored by calling the clients and taking their exact measurements.   

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The Demidov Armor choses bespoke sewing technique to sew body armors flawlessly. Without a doubt, bespoke is the perfect sewing technique that provides a perfect fit for a man along with the charm in his personality. It has high tailoring cost but money is worth spending when you get the result you wished for.   

If you want bulletproof vests nowadays, then most of the products are designed in the factory according to the default size and standard patterns. As a result, it also faced the problem of not fitting quietly well on clients or security professionals. On the other hand, our company produces the finest products of body armors which are slightly light-weighted and fits very well. 

Various manufacturers also adapted the MTM sewing type and provided the service based on that technique. However, a major drawback appeared that because of the ballistic eccentricity there was no chance to hide the armor without having a negative impact on the essential properties.   

sewing body

We at the Demidov Armor prioritize the safety and health of our client. Nowadays, the situation is getting worse than before and it’s causing a lot of stress all over the world especially in America and Europe. Considering the safety threat which every businessman, politician, and even ordinary people on the streets face, it requires a mandatory precaution that can guarantee 100 percent safety of people. A flawlessly sewed body armor holding perfect ballistic characteristics, which is also hidden well when it is worn is considered as a necessary precaution in an emergency situation rising nowadays. The custom tailoring technology to sew such armors is Known as MYPROOFING (Bulletproof vest- TPROOF- confidence, knowledge, etc.). Our company provides the perfectly sewed armors with same custom tailoring technology which guarantees your safety and well-being.

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For a long time, DEMIDOV ARMOR has been providing qualitative and perfectly sewed armors for the betterment of this world. The delivery of luxury armors to clients is in huge numbers and facilitation of covering armor with Alcantаra exotic animal skins is also provided to clients. DEMIDOV ARMOR also facilitates clients with the service of bespoke tailoring by which clients get concisely hidden armor and weapons. The finest work is delivered by the finest tailors in Europe, as per all the tailor guidelines of the Savile Row tailors’ society, the garments are made by hand that is pretty much as agreeable as could be expected, entirely fitting, concealing the presence of your prevalence as covering and weapons under them. Since bulletproof vest has density, it is important to make clothes considering this fact, without upsetting the extent and amicability of the item.

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