Technical Composition: Bone-derived Progenitor Cells and Conformable Bone Fibers

ALLOCYTE® Advanced Cellular Bone Matrix represents a sophisticated evolution in the field of cellular bone matrices. Its primary constituents are bone-derived progenitor cells coupled with conformable bone fibers. Progenitor cells are known for their ability to differentiate into specific types of cells, thus aiding in tissue repair and regeneration. In the context of ALLOCYTE®, these cells are crucial for bone tissue regeneration. The inclusion of conformable bone fibers ensures that the matrix provides a robust framework, enhancing the graft’s stability and promoting integration with the host tissue.

Viability and Preservation: Advanced Cryoprotection and Cell Retention

Viability is an indispensable metric when evaluating the effectiveness of any cellular product. ALLOCYTE® Advanced adopts a novel approach to ensure maximal cell viability. Unlike traditional methods that employ DMSO, ALLOCYTE® uses a DMSO-free cryoprotectant. This decision has two-fold benefits: eliminating the need for pre-implantation rinsing and decanting and ensuring remarkable graft viability of 5 hours post-thaw. The product’s longevity is further underscored by a cell viability of 99.55% even after a year of storage. This percentage isn’t a mere estimation; it’s confirmed through a functional assay that measures not just the live cells but also their active functionality, as ascertained by the MTS assay.

Osteoinductive Potential and Immune Response Mitigation

Osteoinduction refers to the ability of a material to recruit cells and stimulate them to differentiate into bone-forming cells. ALLOCYTE® Advanced exhibits an osteoinductive potential that’s over six times higher than its donor-matched control in in vitro studies. This extraordinary capability is rooted in its patented processing technique. Traditional methods inadvertently remove ancillary bone lining cells – a rich reservoir of native growth factors. ALLOCYTE®’s method preserves these growth factors, amplifying its osteoinductive prowess. The matrix also undergoes a comprehensive process that meticulously removes red and white blood cells along with adipocytes, ensuring that only bone progenitor cells remain. This selective retention is pivotal not only for graft success but also for immune compatibility. By excluding potentially immunogenic components, ALLOCYTE® significantly reduces the risk of post-implantation immune responses.

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In a landscape populated with numerous cellular bone matrices, ALLOCYTE® Advanced emerges as a meticulously engineered product. Its design and functionality converge to make it a prime choice for professionals who prioritize graft viability, osteoinductive potential, and immune compatibility.

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