Drive Traffic to Your Website with Better Media Distribution

Drive Traffic to Your Website with Better Media Distribution

Media companies focus a lot on content creation strategy, have you ever wondered how important it is to shift your focus a little bit on the content distribution. Or rather balance it out on a 50-50 scale. Google and Facebook alone won’t do much good to bring traffic. As a digital marketer you must look at distributing your content on niche channels, social groups, paid media, forums besides social media. You must consider promoting and distributing your content on various channels.

Also, you should learn to repurpose your content and distribute the same. Use a mix of all channels to get the best traffic for your content. Consider the following certain strategies that help you drive traffic to your website.

Employ Video Marketing- Video marketing is the in thing today. The text is passé now, people are more interested in videos as it encapsulates the message in a few motion pictures with effective text. You can transform your blog post into an attractive video. It is a great way to repurpose your content. Make use of tools such as Content Samurai and Lumen5. Convert your blog into a video, by making your text minimal, add images, and upload it on YouTube.

Research studies from IBM Watson Media reveal that out of 1,512 corporate executives 81% of them prefer online video. They would prefer this over all other communication tools. Video is the most effective form of communication in today’s world.

E-Book Conversion Of A Blog- Another way to grab attention is to convert your blog into an e-book. With a tool called Designrr, you can create e-books in less time. Thanks to technological advancement, creating online books is now made easier. You can make use of search engine friendly keywords in order to get better SERPs for your landing page. Also, use the share buttons for readers to share your ebook with friends and colleagues on social media.

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Add Infographics To Your Blog- Making your blog visually attractive helps in getting better viewability. A reader gets the gist of the blog through infographics and doesn’t really have to read through the entire blog. Lengthy content no matter how beautifully it is written will go futile if no one reads it. Make your blog more interesting for a reader. These infographics must be easy to share and should capture the essence of the blog.

Adding sharable options will allow your reader to share the infographic with friends. This brings back traffic to your site and your purpose behind writing blog is met. If you optimize your image in a better way, you are sure to rank in the image sites as well.

Did You Reddit- You can also promote content through Reddit. There is a volley of such content sharing sites. With this, you can make your website’s presence in the Search Engines. Get yourself a Reddit account and start promoting your content for better backlinks. Find a subreddit, who are interested in your kind of content. Subreddit is a group who have similar interest and would like to read through your content. It allows users to focus on similar interest topics and post content which gets voted based on the relevance and readers’ preferences. Identify your subreddit and submit your traffic links to them.

Drive Traffic to Your Website with Better Media Distribution

Learn how to balance your content and distribute it well in order to be successful in the digital market space. It is not just about generating voluminous content but it is also about strategizing and distributing well. Understand the channels available to smartly distribute content. Some of the tools are freely available to promote your content. Analyze what channels are relevant to your kind of business and the target audience that you are aiming at. Repurpose your content in such a way that it gets optimized well.

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