Effly’s NDIS Cleaning Service: A Review



Living in a clean and tidy home is of utmost importance, especially for people with disabilities. The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) funds necessary services to help these people live independently and comfortably in their homes.

Since NDIS participants have the freedom to choose their NDIS cleaning company of choice, it is important to find one that offers quality services. Effly, an Australia-based cleaning company that is NDIS registered, is one of the top choices for NDIS cleaning.

One reason why Effly is preferred by NDIS participants is they are capable of meeting, if not exceeding, client needs and expectations due to their years of experience in the industry. Whether a participant is agency-managed, plan-managed, or self-managed, they can coordinate with the necessary people to craft a Service Agreement that will work best with the client. 

In line with their commitment to helping people live better in their homes, Effly trains their cleaners specifically for NDIS services and assigns the same cleaner to the homes of their repeat clients because they know that each client has unique needs.

Aside from just cleaning the client’s home, the company ensures that the whole process is as efficient and hassle-free as possible. After the scheduled clean-up, the company will be the one to process and submit the service invoice to the MyPlace portal or to the plan manager, depending on who is in charge of managing the participant’s NDIS plan. 

Apart from NDIS cleaning, Effly offers a wide range of other cleaning services in various locations throughout Australia such as Ballarat, Brisbane, Geelong, Gold Coast, Melbourne, and Sydney. A few of their popular services include domestic cleaning, regular cleaning, spring cleaning, and bond cleaning. 

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In case you still haven’t found the NDIS cleaning company for you, feel free to give Effly a try!


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