Kitchen makeover ideas for 2019

Kitchen makeover ideas for 2019

Are you always following trends and want to be on top of your game? Does it not matter if it what you wear or how your kitchen looks? Well, we guess you’re in for a drastic kitchen makeover that lives up to this year’s trends. It has just been a month and you have the whole year to plan and revamp your kitchen.

To go in for some serious kitchen refurbishment can charge you a lot, but we you should check them out. Some of these are classic enough to retain you for years so that you don’t want to go for a makeover any time soon. Just make sure you add the modern touch to your home, and you’re all set.

Kitchen remodeling trends

Check out the warm trends that will make your kitchen space look exotic:

  1. Work on countertops

You might already love your countertop materials and keep switching them over once a while. But have you thought of changing the material it is made of? The quartz finishes have been a demand for quite some time, especially due to their sturdy look and feel. These do give you kitchen a timeless look and is hard enough to go withstand heavy and hot pots.

  1. Get over granite

Granites were trending in the 90s and early 2000s. If you’re still having them in your kitchen, it is high time for a change. This décor not only look ordinary but are super porous and easily collect bacteria. You always need to clean up and be pretty harsh on it to get that right.

  1. White kitchens are outdated

One of the most outdated ways to keep your kitchen keeping the look bright and white. There are so many colors that you can play with and are usually good with rich color tones. Make your kitchen space where you feel coming back to – not just to cook but to create good moments. The pale white color tones are just not positive enough to give you that.

  1. Choose a moodier tone

A moodier ambiance for your kitchen can make it look rich, nuanced, and alluring. From dramatic green to earthier terracotta color tones, you can make this place energizing and positive.

  1. Use lots of matte

Everyone loves tough matte finishes that can clean away spills within seconds. Try out matte cabinetry, appliances, and even stain-proof matte walls for your kitchen. They don’t just keep the space clean, but also let people take an appealing interest.

  1. You can go dark too

If you want to go from an all white to an all dark color tone, you’d headed for a dramatic makeover. Dark grayish color tones set the right mood and are easy to manage. You can also add the ivory touch to make space look elegant and welcoming. Make sure you punch in the matte feel to give it a complete experience.

  1. Use grid motifs

If you’re not ready to get over the entire color format, you can try out motifs in the traditional white tones. These can be contrasted with black windows, cabinet legs, doors, and so on.

  1. Spanish or Moroccan tiles

And if you want to go all dramatic, set the mood right, and work on backsplashes, you can make your kitchen look absolutely exotic. This place is intricately patterned with tiles inspired by Spain and Morocco. These give your kitchen an amazing visual impact and can be paired with subway titles.

  1. Mix and match

If you’re looking for bolder changes, you can go ahead with unexpected juxtapositions. From cabinets to floors, try to create a memorable space, add a personal touch, and blend contrasting colors. You can take full liberty to experiment the way you want or ask the experts in the city to help you out.

  1. Let go of stainless steels

When you find really cool interior spaces, you’d find several decorative elements. Let go of the plain steel products, finishes, fixtures, and try to add pieces that feel simple or quirky. You can play with colors, have stories to tell, or strike the right conversation. Kitchens are a great place to bond and discuss all that’s going on. Make the most of this!

  1. Add new tech

A modern kitchen needs you to upgrade from every possible way. You can’t just rely on how it looks if you can’t make it more useful for you. Think of products that can make you cook better and easier. It can be advanced ovens or automated coffee machines, and more. Making sure your kitchen essentials are on points makes a lot of difference in the upgrade in an overall.

  1. Invest in a good refrigerator

This is the most common electronic that we all buy for our kitchens, and spending on the right one is important. You can go ahead with a beverage cooler cum refrigerator so that it can serve both. Consider the number of people and the frequency of storing food to choose nice and long fridge.

  1. Keep it minimalistic

Many contemporary kitchen ideas promote clean-lined cabinetry and avoid molding or heavy finishes. If you want a classic approach and you don’t wish to remodel the kitchen soon again, you can stick to this. You’re definitely the type who feels that less is more, and this is perfect for you.

  1. Concrete finishes

Again, if you plan to keep the designs to minimal, make sure you have concrete finishes. These will have great backsplashes, countertops, great flooring, and so on. These types of changes are usually within a budget yet make space look modern and fulfilling.

  1. Golden and black

For a timeless yet rich appeal, you can blend black and golden color tones that look elegant. You can buy hardware of copper accent to make the color combination better. These just improve the grandeur of your dining space.

Take cues from these ideas so that you can transform your kitchen this year. Make the right investments to keep it classic, trendy, and yet stay within your budget.

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