4-day treatment to have a radiant skin glow

4-day treatment to have a radiant skin glow

Everyone wants to flaunt a flawless skin that makes people keep guessing your age. To get such kind of glowing skin, you need to take care of your daily healthcare routine. This routine will not only include your skin care but also maintain a better body. You need to keep your body healthy externally as well as internally and also fit to help your skin glow.

Never fail to eat the right kind of food throughout the entire day, and make sure you keep yourself hydrated too. Many of us often turn to unhealthy snacks because they are quick and tempting. But it is best to always have home cooked meals. Keeping your bowels clean and having a good fitness regimen will help you beat any skin related problems.

Do not compromise on your skin when it comes to maintaining its healthy tone especially because it ages too soon. The skin care regimen usually takes time, but if you’re looking for a temporary change, turn to the guide below. It will help you prep up for the event or special day you’re preparing for.

The 4-day remedy to get a flawless glow

Check out what you need to do for the next four days to get a flawless glow:

Day 1

While you must be quite alert to the ‘Cleansing, Toning, and Moisturizing’ routine, it still is majorly underrated. If you have not been doing it already, you should begin today, and once you are doing, you will not want to stop.

Our face is exposed to a lot of pollution and dirt every day. It soon has a build up of dead skin and natural oils making it greasy. Use a light cleaner to get rid of such buildup and free your pores. It will help prevent oily skin and also ward off possible skin diseases.

You should select a cleaner depending on your skin type. Try to go with organic products as they do you no harm. Next, you need to apply a toner to make sure there is no dirt on your face anymore. Natural toners like green tea and white vinegar work well to revive your skin’s hydrogen ion balance. Try these home remedies or stick to organic options from the market. Follow up by using a brightening corrective onto your face. You can make a pack by mixing papaya, tomatoes, milk, and honey. Add the paste to your face and gently wash off. Finish the routine with a moisturizer. This is often the last touch to any skin care routine you’d follow.

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Make sure you clean your face before you hit the bed at night. Your skin must breathe at night, which is not possible when you have makeup. A decent way to take off makeup is using multiple drops of baby oil. Gently massage for a few minutes on your face. Once the makeup becomes easy to remove, you will be able to dab it off with a cotton pad, towel or tissue.

At the end of the day, apply a regular moisturizer and a decent eye serum. If you have got dry skin, buy yourself fabric pillow covers that keep your face happy and healthy through the night.

Day 2

Improve your skin quality and health by supervising what you consume through the day. Internal nutrition reflects on our skin clearly. While external care is crucial, internal care improves your skin gradually yet effectively. Eating right will not make your skin better in 3 days, but it will help eventually. If you start today, it will show you some difference by the end of your 4-day routine. This, in turn, makes you stick to a healthy eating plan.

It is also smart to turn edible items into face masks that improve your skin condition. You can easily make fruit masks at home and apply.

Try out the banana face mask that needs you to include half a ripe banana, with 1tablespoon of gram flour, 1 pinch of turmeric and 1 tablespoon of organic honey. Blend well and apply it on your face. Let it sit for 30 minutes after that wash it off and look at your beautiful skin.

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Day 3

Now you need to start off by exfoliating your skin to get rid of dead cells. In this way, you can make your skin feel soft and radiant.

You should cleanse and detoxify your face with a face sponge or an exfoliating scrub. Scrub gently to remove all dead skin cells. After this treatment, tone and dampen your skin to keep the fresh layer protected from drying out. You need to moisturize with a soft day cream once you’re done with the step above.

Never forget to use sun protection cream once you expose your body to the sun. At the evening, rinse your face with plain water and apply night cream.

Day 4

On the fourth day, your morning face will look different than usual as you’ve done a good 3-day treatment. You must try out steam today to open the block pores. Next, use an organic clay mask to take out the remaining dirt. If you don’t have a clay mask or it seems too expensive, make a paste of oatmeal and honey. Rinse off the paste when it dries up and then apply toner on your face. Finally, end your routine with a moisturizer and they get ready for your event!

Final thoughts

Getting ready for an event you have coming up is easy when you have such easy home treatments to follow. However, your skin won’t look flawless if you don’t maintain it well. To maintain your skin, you need to eat right and follow the daily cleansing, toning, and moisturizing routine. Other than that, a weekly fruit facial can be a great add on. If you have issues like oily skin and acne problems, you’d have to deal with those separately. Try home remedies for such conditions and make sure you drink lots of water throughout the day.

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