Are You Feeling Overwhelmed at Work? Here Are Some Tips to Manage Piled up Tasks

Feeling Overwhelmed at Work

Focusing on work and keeping tasks organized gets tricky when you have a pile of pending work. Instead of getting the job done quickly to clear the backlog, many of us get stuck in a bubble of stress and feelings of overwhelm. If you have a similar situation, count yourself among an alarming number of people suffering from burnout and stress. 

Employees worldwide have been through a lot in the last two years. From understanding working standards amid mega work transition to keeping work-life balance, employees globally and especially in the United States have experienced additional panic and stress. As per a recent FlexJobs survey, 75 percent of workers have experienced burnout at their workplace. The survey also reported forty percent of employees had experienced burnout amid the pandemic. Unfortunately, sixty-seven percent of the participants in a study by Indeed have reported experiencing worse burnout throughout the pandemic.

Bringing an overwhelmed employee back on track is not an easy task. For an employer, it takes a lot more effort to make sure employees are productive and can work under pressure. The good part is that some of the Young Entrepreneur Council members have come up with actionable advice for employees on managing time despite the workload.

Do not shy away from communicating with your boss

It can be tempting to share the feelings of overwhelm with your boss or employer. You might often question your credibility when you cannot reduce the pending pile of work. Similarly, you will believe that your boss might consider you incompetent for the job because of your problems. However, experts suggest that employees going through work stress should crave time for talking to management.

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It is one of the best ways to get back on track with work. Your discussion with your boss, team lead, or employer can help you reduce workload and expectations and manage current projects. You can further carve out some time out of your schedule with your manager to discuss your current work status, priorities, and the best way to move forward with work.

Follow the rule of three.

Do not try to do all the tasks in one day. 

Ask yourself what you have to do in the next three days.

Make a calendar of all the tasks you have to do in the three days, and give them full attention. 


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Often when we go through the feeling of overwhelm, we do not have the energy to work or meet the deadlines. It is when your list will come into play. Your list will help you hold the responsibility to tackle those assignments. Also, the list and the organized tasks for three days will build momentum, generate positive habits, and gain more clarity and confidence.

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Take a break

It is necessary to give yourself a break. There will be times when the workload and feelings of overwhelm will take over your mind. Your thoughts might encourage you to either quit your job or limit the positive perspective toward the company you work for. It is when you have to take a break and grab a coffee for a few minutes.

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Closing things off

Coming up with a to-do list, prioritizing significant tasks, and taking a well-deserved break are just some ways to cope with workload and feelings of overwhelm. However, there are a few things that you might have to experiment with to identify what works best for you.

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