Everything You Need To Know About Hanging Baskets

Hanging baskets are associated with spring and summer and can enhance the aesthetics of any outdoor area. These exquisite seasonal plants are frequently suspended from lampposts in downtown areas and from front porches of buildings. Hanging baskets with their trailing greenery and vibrant blooms lend elegance to porches and patios in both residential and commercial spaces. 

History of hanging baskets

Hanging baskets are not a new concept. They have existed for over 3,000 years! The hanging baskets were a famous feature of the well-known ancient Gardens of Babylon. Though there are differing opinions regarding the design and appearance of the original hanging baskets, these historic gardens serve as an inspiration for the exquisite hanging baskets of today.

Why do we love hanging baskets?

Hanging baskets filled with lush, colorful flowers and flowing greenery are always enthralling. These plant arrangements can make anyone smile who sees them and are reminiscent of old-world charm. What’s not to love about them? They are large pops of color suspended higher in the air! Imagine what it feels like to enter a greenhouse where hanging baskets of all shapes and sizes are suspended from the ceiling. Being surrounded by so many flowers is a true delight. They can also provide ideas for backyard gardens. 

How to care for hanging baskets?

In general, hanging basket plants are simple to maintain and enhance the elegance and beauty of any residence or establishment. Use these tips for hanging baskets to get the best results possible:

Watering: It’s crucial to remember that the majority of hanging baskets have small containers. This implies that compared to other kinds of containers and gardens, you should water them more frequently. Be sure to check your hanging baskets frequently and water them as needed because these smaller pots can dry out much faster than larger ones. Make sure they have the right drainage holes as well. 

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Fertilizer: Nutrients are also necessary for the hanging baskets to continue growing. For optimal results, apply fertilizer once or twice a week. The key to gorgeously blooming hanging baskets is regular fertilization. 

Trimming: In summers, even the healthiest hanging baskets can start to appear lanky. It’s best to trim hanging baskets when they get to this stage. Using your scissors, trim the planter’s edges by a few inches. In the short term, you might lose a few blooms, but in the long run, it will pay off as the plant fills in more and develops into an even more gorgeous, dense mass of flowers and greenery. 

Vacation care: Remember to take care of your plants when you take that well-earned vacation. If you are unable to find a “plant sitter” to water them while you are away, relocate them to a shaded area of the ground. Before you depart, make sure to give them a good soak. You should prune back large or overgrown plants to reduce the amount of plant growth that needs to be supported. The plants will resume blooming in a few weeks. 

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