When Is The Best Time To Travel To London?

Travel To London?

London is the world’s most visited city. Unfortunately, London has acquired the image of a rainy city. But you’ll be happy to hear that this is not true. The fact is that the well-known European city has wonderful weather all year round, so there’s never a bad time to visit. Naturally, certain holiday seasons are more crowded than others. This is true for all well-known tourist spots. Local and foreign visitors peak during the summer and winter breaks when schools are not in session. Travel in off season, which spans from January to April and then from September to November, to avoid the obnoxious crowds. Even though London’s weather is the driest, it is frequently gloomy. June through August is London’s summer season, and it’s a great time to visit. It rarely rises above 20 degrees Celsius, making it an excellent time to stroll around the city.

Springtime weather can be mild but rainy. Around this time there are a number of events and festivities over Easter weekend to take part of. Summertime offers plenty of enjoyable outdoor activities, music festivals, and outdoor cinema in addition to pleasant weather. Usually, autumn is nice at first, but as the days get colder, Christmas lights appear. 

Spring(March to May)

In London, spring is a magical time of the year. It’s a pleasant time to be there, with the chill having started to lessen but not entirely. It’s nice to stroll around the city and take in all of the sights and attractions because of the pleasant sun. The vibrant riot of flowers and the absence of crowds only enhance the pleasure of being in London during the spring. Thus, if you want to travel to London over Easter, reserve your flights and airport transportation in advance.

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The summer is a great time to visit London because of the pleasant (though sometimes hot) weather and the opportunity to explore the city’s parks, rooftop bars, and beer gardens. With an average temperature of 18 degrees Celsius and highs of 30 degrees, the weather is perfect for enjoying one of London’s summer music festivals or outdoor theaters. 


London experiences somewhat chilly weather in the fall, but it is not something you cannot handle with a coat and some enthusiasm. The summer humidity decreases along with the crowds. Even in this weather, it starts to rain a little bit, which can make you feel more chilly. The city gets filled with stunning colors as the first signs of autumn foliage appear. Art and design enthusiasts will enjoy the London Design Festival and Frieze Fair, which provide an opportunity to explore London’s creative scene.


If you want to save a few pounds, travel in the chilly winter months (apart from December, when prices increase due to the holidays). Even though temperatures of 30 to 40 degrees are predicted, you’ll be able to experience London in a more authentic way without the crowds. Especially on Oxford Street, central London is usually crowded with holiday shoppers during the Christmas season because the city sparkles with sparkling lights and joyous celebrations. 


Now that you are aware of the best time to visit London, we suggest that you choose to hire chauffeur London services exclusively in order to ensure flawless travel arrangements.

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