Top 6 Steroid Myths Busted

Top 6 Steroid Myths Busted

A lot of myths have been going around concerning the use of anabolic steroids. Most of these myths have been fuelled by stigmatization and negative media coverage. Many athletes have been stripped of their awards due to the use of steroids. A lot of debate has been going on, with some people trying to share what they know concerning anabolic steroids. Without a clear understanding of what steroids are, a lot of fake information is in circulation. This article tries to point out some of the myths surrounding the use of steroids.

What are anabolic steroids?

Anabolic steroids refer to androgens used in boosting the testosterone levels in the body.

The myths surrounding the use of anabolic steroids

These are some of the myths surrounding the use of anabolic steroids:

· Steroid users are short-tempered

Studies show that caffeine and other stimulants are the leading causes of rage and not steroids as per the common myth. The studies further show that estrogen raises one`s temper. It is a stark contrast in the case of anabolic steroids. Testosterone, which is the main component of anabolic steroids gives one a calm mood. But due to the grim image painted by the media, steroid users are said to be very short tempered. No one has come out to blame coffee drinking for short temperament, yet coffee contributes towards rage.

· Steroid Use Causes Baldness

One`s genetic makeup causes baldness. However, studies have shown that high testosterone levels speed up the balding process. The reason why people jump to conclusions that anabolic steroids cause baldness is that this drug contains testosterone as the main component. It is important to note that at the age of 20, one’s testosterone production is high. When this testosterone combines with the anabolic steroids, the whole process hastens. One is therefore advisable to keep off from using steroids until they turn 30 when testosterone production by the body slows down.

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· Steroid Use Changes Women to Look like Men

The use of steroids has side effects on both men and women. However, women are more negatively affected more by the use of steroids. They develop features which are associated with men. These include deep voice, growing hair in undesired places, and developing big biceps. However, it is worth noting that this change is reversible, especially when one stops using the steroids. The myth, however, says that these conditions are permanent. This gives a lot of many women chills, and as a result, they avoid steroids at all costs.

· Steroids Cause Depression

Another myth tends to associate depression to steroids use. However, the leading causes of depression are stress, anxiety, or a combination of both. Most of the depressed steroid users have had a mental problem initially. Such people only use steroids as an escape route from the unsettled mind. It is equally wrong to say that steroids make depression stronger. Testosterone, which is the main component of steroids, gives one a relaxed mood.

· Steroids Cause Liver Damage

It is absurd to say that steroids cause liver damage while ignoring alcohol. Although many steroid users prefer injection as compared to oral use, it is wrong to say that steroids cause a lot of liver damage. Steroids might be toxic to the liver when taken orally. However, the level of toxicity is insignificant when compared to that of alcohol. It beats logic that the media stigmatizes steroid users and ignores

alcoholics. As a precaution measure, it is advisable to inject the steroids, instead of taking them orally.

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· Steroids Cause the Penis to Shrink

One of the myths that keep men off steroids is that steroids cause the penis to shrink. Which man would stand small manhood in any case? The truth is that anabolic steroids cause the testicles to shrink. However, this condition is reversible. The testicles go back to their standard size when one stops using steroids.

Bottom line

It is essential to know the truth before taking any action. However, you should not need to advise that has no basis. Anabolic steroids are not dangerous to the body, but one should not abuse them. The media should ensure it does in-depth research before publishing an article related to anabolic research, to avoid inducing fear to people.

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