Understanding the importance of Seasonal colors in choosing men’s clothing

Understanding the importance of Seasonal colors in choosing men's clothing

Being well dressed is everyone’s dream. But not everyone is able to spend a lot of time on it. So here is a quick guide that will help lots of men to plan their wardrobe in order to stand out in the crowd. Though more and more men are paying attention to wardrobe choices these days, hence the reasons for the entire fashion recruitment industry, and many of them have no idea about how a change in climate influences the fashion trends.

Fashion and trends may always come and go, but wearing seasonal colors has always been a crucial rule of every fashion enthusiast men. Seasonal colors are shades that perfectly reflect the major four seasons of a year. Each season is associated with some specific colors that are deemed suitable as per the climate conditions of that particular time of the year.

Although each individual has distinctive features which are considered as the dominant factors while determining what shades of clothing or which types of tailored suits a man should go for, they are not the only factors you need to pay attention to.

A well-dressed gentleman needs to consider the color of the seasons as well since it plays a crucial role to stay trendy and stylish.

For example, if you wear a dark colored two-piece suit paired with a dark colored shirt during summer as it looks good on you, it can be a fashion disaster. Remember, fashion means feeling comfortable and relaxed in whatever attire you put on. If you choose dark color clothes in summer it will not only make you off trend but also absorbs more heat than light colored fabrics. So choose your dress color according to the climatic conditions.

Let’s have a quick look at how the seasons are linked to various shades of color as per fashion experts.

Springtime Shades

Spring is known as the season of re-birth. Hence lavenders, pinks, and lighter blue shades perfectly compliment a man irrespective of his skin tone.

Men can also choose beige, salmon pink and various shades of green and wine red are some of the popular choices during the season.

If you choose tone on tone dressing style then you have plenty of options like a well fit tonal suit, along with a light beige shirt accompanied with beige colored trousers. Otherwise, a blue shirt and blue jeans paired with stylish spring denim blue jacket will be perfect for this season.

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Whites are another excellent choice for springtime outfits. You must choose any clothes made of lighter weight natural fibers accompanied by lighter shades since the weather is slightly warm during this time of the year. Choose some light color fabrics with stripes or checks would perfectly compliment your look.

Summer Shades

If you are one of those confused men who gets a hard time choosing the right attire during summer time this article can be helpful to them. Due to hot weather wearing light shades is the practical choice. But besides that make sure you pick only breathable natural fabrics. Otherwise, summer dressing can be heavily exhausting. You will get plenty of light color shades suitable for this season, both for casual and formal wear.

Men with a darker complexion can choose various shades of pink or orange. There are plenty of neutral colors which can also complement their summer look.

Apart from this, gold striped shirts are also among popular options for men. This gives them a professional yet stylish look. Also, check shirts and various other patterns in light colored fabrics become popular during summer.

Fall men’s wardrobe

It is the best time for all fashion lovers. As the season changes and autumn comes nearer the change in wardrobe color palette becomes more notable. Heavier fabrics in earth tones make their presence known with the onset of the fall season.

As weather tends to cool up we get to see vibrant colors in attire. In general yellow, and green shades tend to be everyone’s favorite during this time. You can start to wear blends again. You will look absolutely stunning if pick some dark red shirts. Some other noteworthy shades would be navy blue, dark turquoise, olive green if you prefer bold colors. As these shades are better in heat retention so you don’t need to carry an extra overcoat while chilling out in some outdoor events in the evening.

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Winter Wardrobe Color Choices

Heavy fabric with dark shades is always the best option for men during chilly winter.  Twills, flannels or oxfords whichever material you choose they will prove a hit if comes in deeper shades like deep greens, red wine color, deep blue etc. Just jazz up your wardrobe with warmer shades like camel brown or olive green etc.. No winter wardrobe is complete without these shades as they are timeless. These shades not only make you look fashionable but also give an intelligent appearance. Just remember, don’t dress up in subdued or pastel shades like beige, orange or earth tones during winter as they are best for summer or hot seasons.

Why choosing the right color is important?

The most important aspect of looking fashionable is having confidence in whatever you wear. Wearing the right apparel is the next vital issue.  When people start looking at you a little longer than before you it is a clear hint that the outfit you are wearing must be looking great on you. If you add some trendy color selection to your wardrobe keeping in mind about the seasonal changes, it is just enough to revamp your entire look.

Colors itself speaks for yourself. You sense of clothing, personality, mood everything is reflected through your wardrobe selection. Whenever you wear a wrong shade, your overall look becomes dull.


Similarly wearing the right color makes you look attractive and vibrant. So if you stay updated about the latest color trends in men’s fashion and harmoniously put them together with your personal sense of styling you can definitely create a stylish image for yourself. Every season is linked with certain shades. Just freshen up your appearance every season by choosing a suitable color palette that best compliments your look and create trendy wear that comes with your own original style statement.

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