Simplified Renovation Ideas Which Will Make You Save Money

Simplified Renovation Ideas Which Will Make You Save Money

Renovating the house is often seems to be the task of only rich people. Even simple tasks such as air conditioner maintenance so much finance that common people often overlook the alternatives.

Yes, there are many alternatives which can be used for the renovation of the house. Some of them can be done by you while others may need the help of the experts to undergo the task. Just check out these home improvement blogs for more ideas as well.

Tips of renovation for your home in simple ways

Here are some of the latest ideas about the remodeling of the house. One can apply these ideas to the renovating process to make the home a comfortable space within the budget that you can afford. Choose according to your wish and do as necessary from simple ideas of replacing decor to something major like an idea to turn your loft conversion dream into a reality.

  • Renovating the bedroom closet

This entire task is very easy and can be done in a weekend. You can buy the paints and some beautiful hinges to give a spark to the bi-fold closet of the wardrobe. Just wardrobe paint and your bedroom will look totally different.

  • Add a piece of the headboard with your bed

An elegant piece of headboard can make the bed looks more elegant than it is. You can take up some sample designs from the internet and then opt for the one you liked most or go well. Even this can be done on free time at home and no need to buy.

  • Cover the light over the bed with lamp shades

Just a simple lamp shade and the shadowy work will make the bedroom a cozy place. if you are a creative person, then see the shade making over the internet and try doing it. Otherwise, buy them from any stores.

But you must confirm that the particular shades should be fixing with the fixture that the light ae having.

  • Makeunder bed storage

Storing anything in the room will make it look messy. Making a wardrobe can be a bit costly one. so to look for the alternatives, you can arrange storages of the excess things under the bed in proper under bed box. This would store a lot of things and also keep the room look clean.

  • Add some bright pillows
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One big size, another medium size and the small one of contrast color pillow gives brightness to your bedroom. It makes your bed inviting and also imparts a cozy look too.

This can also be done in your living room sofa or divan. This can also make them look elegant as well as a cozy place to sit in the living room.

  • Make a day bed

You can use any old wooden storage or any single bed that you wanted to discard. Add some soft cushion with many pillows. Don’t forget to use up the below space for storage of extra things.

  • Designed and customized bookshelves at any place

Just make the shelves customized and they would change the entire outlook. Believe me, just change the position of the racks, make it in a tree shape and put up the books on them. or you can add up some shelves of different length. Even you can use the corner place with just a simple shelf. Have some of them all around your house. Put a designer’s lampshade, some books on others, or an indoor small plant on the other.

They will help in storing, saving budget and even change the look of the room too.

  • Curtains can do wonder to the room

Choose the right color and size of the curtains. They can do a lot of wonders when put up in the room. But for that, you need to consider the color and the size. Remember to add some length to the sides and a few extra heights to the curtains. That would give the room a bigger look and also makes it brighter.

  • Place mirror to make a smaller room look bigger

A mirror at the right place of the room can do a great job. if a room looks a bit dull and small, put up a mirror or a few of them. This would bring in more outside light and also makes it look bigger.

  • Murphy beds are a tricky one to save space.
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It would make use the wall which is being wasted as being behind the bed. This is the best choice for your children room. It would keep many things handy and also in proper places. This can be a good place for your children to store the teddies, toy or even books.

  • Change the exterior of the bathtub in the bathroom

Just a stone outlook to the exterior of the bathtub can give you the elegant look and also a changed look. When you are in the bathroom you need a bright color scheme which makes the place a brighter one. So choose a stone look in color shades of green or blue. They are perfect for the bathroom.

  • Change the flooring with the vinyl tiles

You can start with the small space. Start with the bathroom; replace the flooring with the vinyl tiles. White, cream, peach is the common colors which are commonly used. But you can also opt for other colors too.

But that should be done based on the space where you are replacing the floorings. Colors should be chosen wisely or it may look totally odd. Check out the samples of the vinyl tile over the online stores and choose which one you like.

  • Give a frame to the bathroom mirror

It adds a volume to the mirror and also gives a prominence too. So consider the frame as the important part of the mirror too. Especially in the bathroom, it will give a prominent look of the bathroom sink or the washbasin.


So try these things out one by one and you can easily see the change. But renovation is dependent mostly on the house and the existing furniture and arrangements.

So let’s check and bring some new look around you. It would make you feel a bit comfortable and cozy too.

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