What Not To Forget When Booking The Perfect Wedding Car

What the bride (or groom, or both) is transported to the wedding venue in, is something that some couples give little thought to, while for others, it’s given the importance it surely deserves. From horse drawn carriages for that fairytale element, to timeless cars that evoke class and style, wedding transport should never be neglected or overlooked. 

For many though, a wedding car is the obvious choice: practical and reliable, but perfect for emphasizing the importance of the occasion, London Luxury Wedding Car Hire can be used not just to get you to and from the wedding and reception venue, but to anywhere else you choose to go on your special day!

If you want to arrive at your wedding in style, be taken wherever you want to go once the formalities are over, and be provided with a stunning backdrop for photo’s, you can’t go far wrong with luxury wedding car hire. 

But what do you need to consider when booking a wedding car? 

Here are some things you don’t want to forget: 

Your budget

A stylish and head-turning wedding car typically costs between £300 and £400 for the day, and if you want more than one car, hire companies may be able to offer a discount. 

The amount of people you will need to transport

Some cars are able to carry up to 6 passengers, while others will accommodate no more than 3. Think carefully about who will be travelling in the car, and whether you will need to hire more than one. 

It’s important not to forget about the groom or other bride, too! They will also need to get to the venue, and don’t they also deserve to be given the luxury treatment with a stylish car?

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Where will you need to be transported to and from

Some car hire companies may be willing to carry out multiple journeys depending upon their distance apart from one another.

The theme of your wedding and the venue

Rustic venues and themes might be best suited to a vintage car or a quirky one, while an upmarket wedding and location would definitely benefit from a luxury car such as a Rolls Royce.

Booking it! 

Weddings are happening all of the time, and cars can get booked up pretty quickly, so don’t leave your booking until the last minute if you want to avoid disappointment. Do your research early on so that when all of your plans for the venue and time are firmly in place, you can simply pick up the phone and reserve the perfect car. 

Why not get the most out of wedding car hire in Greater London by using your wonderful wedding car to speed off to a secret spot for some post-wedding photos, and maybe the odd kiss and cuddle at your favourite beauty spot! Different companies offer different packages, so it’s important to do plenty of research before finalising your transport arrangements, and if you’ve got an unusual or unorthodox request, you can always ask whether they can accommodate it – provided it’s within the confines of decency and the law, of course!


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