Which Cryptocurrency To Buy in 2023: Link Crypto


When planning your crypto portfolio, it is crucial to add both large and low-cap assets. Of course, the larger the market capitalisation, the more resistance the asset has to market fluctuations. That is, if investors start selling assets massively, it will take time to shake the crypto rate. It concerns such established crypto assets as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

There are also mid-cap coins that have lower resistance levels, but on the other hand, since they are more sensitive to market volatility, they are more likely to skyrocket during the next bull trend. An example of such an asset is a Chainlink coin, so let’s discuss it.

Some Promising Coins to Add to  Portfolio in 2023

We composed the list of up-and-coming crypto projects to invest in:

  • Algorand (ALGO)
  • Chainlink (LINK)
  • Binance Coin (BNB) 
  • Decentraland (MANA)

What is LINK Crypto?

LINK is the coin with a $229 million trade volume in 24 hours. Its capitalisation is over $3 billion, and as of 2022, the price fluctuates around $6.

LINK was released by the Chainlink decentralized platform, which provides access to blockchain technologies for off-chain enterprises based on smart contracts and cryptography security.

LINK allows off-chain companies to reach such popular blockchains as Ethereum and Solana, receiving all their advantages.

Experts believe the  Chainlink coin value will reach $33 in 2025, which is a significant increase compared with today’s price. So it is really worth buying this asset and holding it long-term. 

If you want to purchase a LINK coin, use reliable platforms. It should be a cryptocurrency exchange that ensures clients’ funds’ safety and, at the same time, provides all the necessary tools for trading. Read the reviews before registering on a crypto platform and find out what difficulties other users face working with it. We offer a reliable platform WhiteBIT. Despite being a young cryptocurrency exchange, it already has over 2 million registered users and operates in more than 150 states worldwide. 

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