6 Factors to Consider Before Hiring a Contractor for Your Remodeling Project

6 Factors to Consider Before Hiring a Contractor for Your Remodeling Project

Home renovation is one of the most effective ways to maximize your home. It can improve functionality while boosting property value and curb appeal. Because of this, home remodeling projects are considered a major investment for any homeowner.

If you’re planning to have your home (or part of it) remodeled for whatever reason, one significant decision you have to make is choosing a contractor to do the job. The importance of this choice cannot be understated as it can make or break your home—both literally and figuratively.

That said, here are six things you should think about before you hire a remodeling contractor:

      1. The Type of Project

Not all contractors are created equal— and it is not just about the quality of work but the kind of work they do. Different contractors have their own strengths.

That said, if you still don’t have a design in mind and are looking to improve a room’s interior design, you should choose designers. Since they are well-versed in the use of light, shapes, colors, and other design elements, they would be able to provide the best service for your interior remodeling project. As for structure-related renovations, architects are the type of contractor who can handle sound layout and building for your home.

If your home improvement remodeling project entails both, then choosing a contractor that specializes in both areas should be your best option.

     2. Recommendations and Reviews

The next thing you need to think about before hiring a contractor is their clientele recommendation and reviews. There are plenty of these available online, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding some. However, you should make sure that, aside from the company’s website, you also check out other places or trusted review sites to see if the reviews on their own page check out.

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If you’re looking for companies within your locality, you can try to check with your homeowner association. Friends, relatives, co-workers, and even your realtor can also help you find good candidates for your remodeling needs.

     3. Punctuality

Delays can be expensive. This is the reason why you should carefully choose a contractor who will beat the deadlines you set. Of course, these due dates should be a product of thorough planning and coordination on both your parts to ensure that it stays realistic while keeping within your expected accomplishment dates.

If you’re not well-versed with how long a remodeling project usually lasts, do some research online about it based on the kind of project you have in mind. Look for those that closely resemble yours as much as possible. However, you should bear in mind that each project may have its own complexities that can still affect the timeline.

     4. Resources

If you are thinking about hiring a general contractor for a specific job, you must consider if they have enough resources to accommodate both the big and small details of the remodel. This means that they should have a solid network of subcontractors—from those that offer kitchen and bathroom fittings to firms that supply quality roofing materials.

Interview contractors one by one to determine whether they have enough of the resources your remodeling project requires before signing any contract.

     5. Credentials

Since you will be shelling out a significant amount of money for your remodeling project, you should ensure that you are paying legitimate and certified companies. That said, verifying the candidate’s credentials is an important step in choosing a builder for the job. This will help you avoid the headache of paying for low-quality service or becoming a victim of fraud.

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     6. Communication

Communication is key to any good relationship—even with your remodeling contractor. Choose a firm that is willing to accommodate all your queries, and asks questions as well. This is because a good contractor should make an effort to understand the details of the project fully to assess whether they can deliver what the client wants before committing to anything.

Choose Your Remodeler Wisely

Whether you’re looking to invest in your home or simply want to improve it’s aesthetic and functionality, it is important that you choose your remodeling contractor wisely.

Listen to recommendations, digest reviews, and interview candidates thoroughly to know if they are perfect for the job.


Bill Fannin started Post & Beam 27 years ago as a small construction company and, in 2004, decided to specialize in design/build. Since then, he has grown the company into a very reputable Design/Build Firm. You can find Bill in the office helping with estimates, consulting clients, and even on the job helping the carpenters. Bill is a Certified Graduate Remodeler and Certified Green Professional.

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