Flooring 101: Picking A Pro For A Stress-Free Carpet Installation

Flooring 101: Picking A Pro For A Stress-Free Carpet Installation

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Now that you’ve chosen your carpeting, it’s time to find a company who can install it for you. Flooring, particularly carpeting, isn’t easy to DIY. There’s a lot that can go wrong. You’ll need to find the best company near you to handle the job. This involves a lot more than just Googling the term “carpet installation Dallas Texas.” You need to do some research, ask questions, and vet all of the companies that pop up on your list before choosing the best one. Here are some tips.

Check Out Reviews Online

Okay, so your first step might be doing an internet search for carpet installation Dallas Texas and then picking a few companies to look into. While you’re doing this, make sure to look at the online reviews. Keep in mind that some companies offer incentives in exchange for reviews. This isn’t always ethical, but when those reviews always state the same things and are overwhelmingly positive, then you might be looking at a red flag. However, if the reviews seem honest and realistic, then you’re in good shape. Narrow the search down to several companies this way, and then proceed with your research.

Get References

References are very important. The best companies will gladly hand you a list of people to contact who want to share their experience with them. Ask for before and after pictures, and most importantly, when you receive the contact information for the references, be sure to call them.

Ask to See Their Tools

Once you’ve asked the companies a lot of questions, you need to take this one step further and ask to see their tools. The best companies have more professional tools. You should expect to see a number of things, including cutters and carpeting stretchers. However, go beyond this and look to see how used the tools are. If they all look as though they’ve been well used, then it’s clear that the company knows what they’re doing and have handled hundreds of jobs like yours.

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Flooring 101: Picking A Pro For A Stress-Free Carpet Installation

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Pick a Company That Specializes in Your Future Flooring

Always ask the companies in question if they’ve worked with your type of flooring. Sure, they might be flooring contractors who specialize in carpeting, but that doesn’t mean that they’ve handled your particular brand and style before. Not all carpeting is the same. Plus, experience matters. You need to find the company with the most specified experience.

Never Hire Someone Who Contacts You First

Every once in a while, flooring contractors who are desperate for work will go out and knock on doors or make cold calls. You might even end up with a random, not-asked-for email in your inbox. Never hire a contractor of any type who contacts you in this way. There’s a reason why they are so desperate for work – they aren’t able to get any through the traditional channels. The best flooring installers don’t have to go hunting for clients, because people go to them.

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