Canon printer carriage jam error

Canon printer carriage jam error


                        Canon is the  King in the Market of Printers because the Canon printer are one of the best printers that are available in the market that serves for both the home and office users. Canon company headquarters are in Tokyo and this company launched in 1933 as a trading company. company develops, manufactures and sells many types of products and services which copying machines, printers, cameras, and other products. It is a well-recognized brand all over the world because of its services and product quality.  Canon printers are easy to operate and very easy to use in daily work and we know that it is a machine and machine needs services from time to time. If we don’t provide services to any machine then it stops working. As same in printer, sometimes users face issues while using it and some error messaging while using a printing device. Some problems are paper jams, blockage problem or leakage of the Ink. Now we are going to discuss the paper Jams and the cartridge jam.

What is “Printer Cartridge Jam?”

When we have been using the one thing for a long time then there is tear and wear that causes issues and showing the error message. There is such an error that is called cartridge jam, there is a horrible and grinding sound that a user will hear when there is cartridge jam. There is an error message that will show over there that is cartridge Jam that can cause from ink cartridges or paper jam or foreign subject got stuck while doing the printing.

Why There is a Cartridge jam on canon printer:-

  • The printer will start to make the grinding noises and that will cause the terrible sound.
  • The printer will stop unexpectedly and it will start again and again. Now you will get to know something is wrong in the printer.
  • When there will be jam on your printer then there will because on your printer that is printer will not work properly.
  • The carriage of your printer will be stuck and it will not move due to Canon Printer cartridge jam

What are the Elements of Cartridge jam on canon printer:-

When we are using a printer for a long time then it  requires service of all the parts and the main cause of jam is to not maintaining  the printer and sometimes there is water enters into the printer then it also a cause of jam and there is no proper supply provide as there is a cut in the wire then the printer does not work. That is because of more frequent you print or occasionally print, it is highly likely that if a user print frequently then he should check it from time to time for the services.

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Remedies for Canon cartridge jam:- There are many solutions regarding the solutions of the Cartridge jam:-

Remedy No. 1

  • Firstly Turn on the Canon printer and Open the printer lid.
  • Then, Wait for the cartridge carriage to move at the center.
  • Then, you have to  remove ink cartridges and you have to place it carefully and take care of it form any leaks
  • Now you have to clean the nozzles then have been closed due to dust.
  • Now you have to check the ink if the cartridge has the link then fill it properly.
  • You can do Reinstall the ink cartridges properly and according to their correct compartment.
  • Then the cartridges are all securely installed, close the printer lid.
  • Run a test print.

Remedy No.2

  • The first thing that a user has to do is turn off the Canon printer and keep calm and wait for one minute.
  • Then after one minute turn on the printer and let it warm and then wait for a few minutes until  it makes a grinding noise
  • Now you have to open the paper tray and now load your paper into the paper tray.
  • Now you have to again align the paper and put it back into the input tray.
  • Next step you have to do a printer test.
  • Now if you see that the printer is printing properly then your issue has been resolved and now you can continue to print with the help of a printer.
  • If this solution does not we will provide another solution for you.

Remedy No.3

  • First Turn on the printer and open the slide of the input tray and then you have to remove all the paper which is put in the tray and keep it aside.
  • If there is paper jammed in the printer then remove it gently by pulling it out.
  • Now you have to check the tray if you see any type of torn paper that is stuck on the printer or left in it then remove it out and look after all the foreign objects,
  • Then slide all the printer in the tray and go back to the printer to check the services.
  • Now you have to remove the power cord that is attached to your printer and plug it out all the attached cables.
  • Now open the printer lid and if you want any type of any foreign objects or torn paper. Then take it out gently so that there will not be technical damage and check the printer if there I any scraps or little paper with the help of a flashlight.
  • Then we have to see the cleanout door handle that will be of white color on the back of the printer now pull out the cleanout door and check out the printer deeply.
  • Now you have to lift the duplexer lever to check out that if there is something stuck in between that.
  • It is time to turn on the Canon printer and wait for it until it warmed up.
  • Then just check the printer and take the printer test.
  • If your printer works properly then it is working if it is not working then I have also another solution for you.
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In this Article we have read about all the remedies which are related to the carriage jam of canon printer can be done using the solutions above. If none of these Remedies helps you to get the solution so that there is better to call the technician that will help for a better solution or a user can visit on the official site of

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