Top beauty tips and trends for 2019

Top beauty tips and trends for 2019

The beauty industry is ever-evolving and we are always eager to experiment with new products. Thanks to creativity and technology to bring the best of beauty essentials in their own way. From innumerable brands to types and textures, there is so much for everyone to test and try.

In recent years, the beauty industry has not only produced new cosmetic types but also taken up vintage ideas. 2019 sees a blend of the old and the new, and we are here to share the best of both.

Beauty trends to follow in 2019

Up next is the list of beauty trends that is going help you leave a mark everywhere you go:

  1. Contour with two shades

For times unknown, contouring has been a problem for women. If you’re not a professional, we’d assume that you have an issue finding the perfect shade. Even if you have the right shade, you wouldn’t want to use it all the time.

In her golden era, Grace Kelly showed us how contouring with two colors set her face right. She used light blush on the apples of cheek and dark shades below the eyes. This can not only give you a contrast but can expose your features beautifully too.

  1. The no makeup look

The current trend suggests that ladies do love the no makeup look. But does that mean putting nothing at all? NO! For minimal yet appropriate coverage you can mix your primer with a light foundation. Since the airbrush look is trending, you should try it out more often. If you don’t have much time, simply blend your foundation with a moisturizer.

  1. Use olive oil

Back in the days, we were way more included in using natural remedies. Sophia Lauren is a sheer example of Italian beauty who depended on olive oil. It was her go-to beauty mantra as she used to add it to her diet internally and to her skin externally. Olive oil is a great moisturizer that you can simply apply before taking a bath and make your skin suppler.

  1. Clean your brushes

How often do you wash your makeup brushes? It might be the least favorite thing to do, but it is definitely important. You need to keep your complexion clear and for that, all your products must be clean. You can use baby shampoo or face cleaners to clean your brushes. Swish them up and rinse with cool water. Make sure that the brushes don’t lose shape.

  1. Kill it with the lashes
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When you’re planning to go least on makeup, choose one thing that can make all the difference. It could have subtle contouring, an attractive lipstick or keep eyelashes on point.

Audrey Hepburn had such a striking feature that all she liked to play with was her gorgeous and long lashes. Rather than adding fake extensions, try separating your eyelashes and add the right mascara to it. No matter how low your makeup is, it will give you the right lift.

  1. The fake awake

What do working women want when their eyes are looking dull but they need to pull off a fake awake? Well, the eyelid primers are the perfect hacks that help you add eye gloss to the center of the lid and make you look awake instantly! No matter how long you worked, you’re party-ready in no time. You can definitely match that up with a clear lip gloss and you’re all set for 2019!

  1. Use heatless curlers

Hair care is extremely important given to the amount of air pollution we are a part of. If you love to curl your strands go old-school with the traditional curlers. There are plenty of brands that are currently promoting the usage of these. Fabric curls are the current addition that lets you create different styles. You simply need to rap and roll damp hair and sleep on it.

  1. Make lipsticks last all day

We all love puckered up red lips that last all night, but most of them let us down too soon. 2019 shows us that we can stain-proof our lipstick by using translucent powder. Wear your favorite lip color and then take a thin tissue and cover your lips. Add powder all over your lips and over the tissue and find the color last all night. You can also switch over to quality matte lip colors as they are naturally long lasting.

  1. Make your teeth pearly white
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Ditch the false toothpaste that guarantees your pearly white teeth. They don’t help you like the traditional method of baking soda. You simply need to rub baking soda on your teeth and rinse them with water. It will take a few applications to work out, but is better than expensive toothpaste or dental treatments. The natural process will take you a long way and will keep you smiling without getting conscious.

  1. Rinse hair with beer

There are tons of hair masks in the market and also many that you can create at home. However, a beer rinse is one of the most underrated hair treatments that work wonders. They have sugar and vitamin B that gives you the exact amount of shine and volume.

Just make sure you rinse out your hair thoroughly and use a mild shampoo to do so. Give this a shot and you will not regret after watching those smooth strands. Avoid craft beer as they do little difference, any other type will work well.

These were some of the classic beauty tips for 2019 and they are here to stay. You’d notice that some of them need less time to work on, while some need more. Balance out your beauty regimen to keep your hair and skin on point.

Always know that natural remedies will help your skin and hair last the real essence for more years. Try to stick to the traditional remedies, even if they need some more time than usual. These will help you retain healthy hair and skin.

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